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Broadcast Images Inc

Since 1990, Broadcast Images has provided a wide range of video production services to prominent clients nationwide. From documentaries shot in exotic locales for the San Diego Zoo, to breaking news coverage for ABC Network, Broadcast Images has developed an experience and expertise that we can apply to your project.

Let us help you in planning and executing an exceptional production. We'll work with you to determine the resources you'll need to accomplish your project goals, including:

  • Hiring the right camera crew -- one of the overlooked aspects to most productions. Broadcast Images specializes in providing crews and gear for almost any size job, with special emphasis on small to medium size set-ups in the field.
  • Picking the right equipment – with so many cameras now available, picking the correct one (or sometimes two or three) for the job is of utmost importance. A good Director of Photography (cameraman, videographer, etc.) will study and determine the main "look" of the shoot, and pick the correct camera, lenses and sound equipment to achieve the goals.
  • Crew size and composition -- an equally important decision. Sometimes you can accomplish the same look and have the same production speed with a crew of two rather than a crew of eight. Other times that crew of eight is invaluable, and needed for any number of reasons. Efficiency and results are key.

Broadcast Images specializes in:

  • Corporate Presentations
  • Documentaries
  • Live event / Web & Satellite coverage
  • Network news magazines - Feature stories * EPK's * VNR's
  • Reality and cable programs
  • Sports Features
  • Commercials

Our equipment packages are the best available; we're packed and ready to go; we are versatile, accomplished, and creative.

(760) 746-7999 | Broadcast Images Inc

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