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"Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does."

Steuart H. Britt,
American ad man, marketing professor, and author (1907-1979).

Today, the lights are on full-time and winks can be seen around the world in an instant. Very few people question the need for advertising, so instead the question has become: how do you wink differently, in a way that stands out from your competition and encourages the woman to smile back? It is the question modern advertising agencies can answer. In addition to creating advertising materials, they can help you define a unique identity, spot trends early, develop an effective plan to take advantage of these trends, and make sure your message and materials reach an appreciative audience.

San Diego advertising agencies, such as those in our Creative Directory, include several varieties, from one-person shops to large corporations. Many are generalized agencies, focusing on both creative and media work for a variety of clients. A few San Diego advertising agencies specialize in certain areas such as financial, non-profit, retail, entertainment, healthcare, high-tech, and bio-tech. Other San Diego ad agencies specialize in interactive advertising (such as web design, Internet advertising, and e-business) and social media advertising, including search engine optimization to make sure your website attracts customers and use of media such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

Generally, the larger advertising agencies include several departments. These include the account executives, who work directly with clients to plan and oversee advertising campaigns, the creative department, consisting of creative directors, graphic designers, copywriters and sometimes photographers, the production department who make sure your ads or commercials are produced, and the media buyers who negotiate the best rate and placement for your ads or commercials in print and broadcast media.

Many of the local advertising agencies in our San Diego Creative Directory have been in business for more than 25 years. They offer a wide variety of services, including working with you to develop a unique identity or "brand," creating corporate and sales literature, from annual reports to data sheets, conducting direct mail campaigns, creating and placing ads and commercials in print publications or on radio and television, developing multi-media presentations and films, developing websites and social media marketing campaigns, and providing public relations expertise.

With the right San Diego advertising agency, your unique message will definitely be seen and heard, and your wink could easily turn into a dance and a promising relationship.

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