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From ancient caves to medieval manuscripts, humans have used graphic design for thousands of years. While our ancestors may have toiled for decades using sticks and stones or quill pens, today's graphic designers can work more quickly with a combination of artistic techniques and modern technology. But the underlying purpose of graphic design remains the same: to convey a message. To use visual art or typography, or both, to illustrate an idea, a product, or a procedure. To use this illustration to persuade, to entertain, to explain, to stimulate.

The experienced graphic designers, such as the more than two dozen listed in our Graphic Design San Diego Directory, are experts in helping their clients convey the right message in the right way to the right audience. They know that the graphic designer's job is to understand both what the client wants to illustrate and what the audience or market might best appreciate. While today's graphic designers work with sophisticated computer programs, their work often still starts with sitting down with a client, sketching out ideas with a pencil, and using their creativity and artistic talents to bring these ideas to life.

And where do these ideas live? From small business cards or postcards to huge billboards or cyberspace, graphic design can appear almost anywhere. San Diego graphic designers can help clients with logo design, printed advertising materials, web design and advertising, collateral materials, and multi-media and video materials.

The graphic designer can play an integral part in helping a company with a marketing and advertising campaign. This often starts with a new logo as part of what is called "branding" and establishing a distinct corporate identity. The designer can then carry this visual message through related advertising materials, including brochures, ads, direct mail pieces, packaging, posters, and billboards. Many graphic designers also design websites, online ads, and electronic newsletters. Collateral materials can include t-shirts and posters or other decorative items needed for trade shows. In addition, graphic designers often combine photography, video, and multi-media elements in their work, which can extend beyond advertising to include training and educational materials, or credits and background sets for movies.

The graphic designers in our graphic design San Diego directory listings bring their artistic talents into all these areas and serve a wide variety of clients, including hi-tech and bio-tech corporations, health and non-profit organizations, shops and restaurants, and start-up companies.

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