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Most of us, with handy digital and cell phone cameras, take more snapshots that we will ever use. There are only so many holiday cards we can illustrate, or vacation albums we can fill with the fleeting images we capture.

There are times, however, when we need images that last, photographs with deeper meaning, that document a life-changing event or a new product or idea. That's when we turn our cameras over to a professional photographer.

And just how does a professional photographer differ from the rest of us? Many famous photographers agree that it is knowing how to see their surroundings or subject, even more than how to use a fancy camera, that makes the difference between the professional and the amateur.

"The important thing is not the camera, but the eye," said Alfred Eisenstaedt, German-American photographer (1898-1995), who was photographing celebrities and presidents into his 90s.

Our San Diego photographers share this ability to see what makes a good photograph. Their vision, expertise, and experience extend over an amazing variety of specialties, from advertising and architecture to weddings and wild life.

If you are marketing a new venture or product, or creating a new advertising campaign, a San Diego photographer can work with you (and sometimes a marketing team) to capture the essence of your identity, or "brand." These photographs can enhance your printed and online materials and include almost any type of business, organization, or product, including banks, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, large and small companies, schools, non-profit groups, military, sports, fashion, and automobiles.

The work of our local photographers has also illustrated many articles in local and national magazines and newspapers, including cover stories. Their photographs are also often included in a variety of books, from travel guides to text books.

If you are planning a wedding, many of our professional photographers specialize in wedding photography or photographing other events such as family reunions, anniversaries, and bar and bat mitzvah celebrations. They will make sure you retain enough beautiful memories to last a lifetime, and to pass down to the next generations. They are also experts at creating family portraits, which can be indoors or outdoors, serious or humorous, and with or without family pets.

In addition to commercial photography, many photographers create fine art and conceptual photography (an idea brought to life and often enhanced with computer technology). You can view their work in many galleries and museums. A few of our San Diego photographers run their own galleries where you can buy their original work, those meant to be displayed and enjoyed for far longer than a few fleeting moments.

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