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While many of us love our Kindles, iPads, and email, the printed word is not going away any time soon. Whether for business or personal use, we still rely on printers to put our words on paper for many reasons.

Professionally, we turn to printers to help us create materials we need such as business cards, stationery, flyers, brochures, presentations, newsletters, banners, and posters. If we are in the publishing or even self-publishing business, we also use printers to turn out magazines, booklets, and books.

Personally, there is nothing like an experienced print shop to help us with wedding invitations, announcements, special family cards and calendars, school projects, and a variety of miscellaneous items such as tags and labels.

San Diego printers are more than well-equipped to handle these jobs with a variety of printing options and related services. If you are new to working with printers, they will walk you through the process from the beginning to the end of your project. If you are more experienced, they will still make sure that your project, no matter how complicated, is completed successfully.

The majority of large print jobs today are accomplished with offset printing. Offset printers transfer the inked image from the metal plate to a rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. They are faster and less expensive than traditional printing presses and produce consistently high-quality images. There are many types of offset printing techniques available and a printer will recommend the best type for your project.

The popularity of digital printing is also increasing as an alternative method for many print jobs. While its quality may not always match the quality of offset printing, it is still an excellent choice with good results for those who want a less expensive option to offset or traditional printing.

Many San Diego printers also offer traditional printing methods, such as letterpress printing. For those who want a more hand-crafted look, say for a unique wedding invitation, the letterpress can turn out beautiful work with texture and dimension not seen with other printing methods.

In addition to a wide variety of printing options, the San Diego printers in our listings offer many other related services. For example, you can send your files electronically, order special bindings, coatings, and covers as needed, and add illustrations and photographs to your projects. A few printers also specialize in packaging or direct mail services (either printed or email).

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