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Hardly anyone goes into business these days - or promotes an organization or an idea - without a website. According to, the indexed Web contains at least 7.4 billion pages, that's one for each person on earth. The exact number of registered websites is unknown, but estimates range from between 200 and 500 million, with thousands added daily.

Of course, there's no way we will ever access them all, but we've come to rely on them constantly, for information, to buy something, or pay a bill. What is the weather or the surf forecast? Does the new local restaurant serve breakfast? Does that store we loved overseas ship here? The woman we met recently at a business meeting: what does her company sell exactly? Unfortunately, as many of us have realized while browsing the Web, quantity does not always translate into quality. Quality is sadly lacking in many websites.

That's where our San Diego web design directory comes in. Our web designers will take your website from amateurish to professional, from seldom read to widely read, from stagnant to dynamic. The talented San Diego web design companies in the Creative Directory can help you with all phases of developing a successful website, from planning to implementation.

A knowledgeable web designer works with you to plan the best content, style, and organization for your website. A good website is clean and simple, with a pleasing balance of written content and graphics, and easy to navigate, without too many elements that distract or slow down the reader. Your graphic designer will also be able to create the website in a way so that it is easy to update when necessary.

If you are not writing the content yourself, the web designer can also help with that. Many of our san diego web design companies work with web content writers. They understand that the quality of a website depends as much on content as on technology and design. An experienced web content writer can make all the difference between a frustrating or a satisfying experience for your website readers. Your website content should be based on what your readers want to do or know, what they care about, and how they will look for it. The more user-oriented the content is, and the more clearly it is written, the more often your readers will become regular customers or visitors to your site.

Finally, to make sure your website is picked up by all the major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, your web designer can include hidden information search engines look for (but your readers can't see). Called search engine optimization (SEO), this technique can also include an analysis of the site's navigation and adding related blogs and links to social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

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